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May and June Updates!

Hard to believe summer is here!  Hopefully everyone can get out and do some detectoring if you haven't already. 

May brought us a club hunt on a historical property in Winston-Salem. Thank you to the huntmaster William for getting the permission!  While we were light on the historical finds, there were some interesting items including a fork, a bullet, a 1920 wheatie, and other assorted clad and items.  Our Secretary Cynthia found six keys in one area which was fun.

Our May meeting will be conducted as part of our annual seeded hunt on June 3rd.  You must be a current member and have completed orientation to participate in the hunt.  This year's event looks to be quite exciting- in addition to an assortment of prizes, we will have two grand prizes this year! More on the prizes and our appreciation to those who have donated to come.  Current members, please check your email for details regarding the event and respond with requested details.

June 24th 2017 will be our next regularly scheduled meeting at the Mendenhall Plantation.  Guests are always welcome at our regular meetings, we hope you'll decide to join as well! 


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